Tourism Projects

Tourism Management Proposals for Abu Dhabi government.

The project entailed the development of a 10-year Strategic Plan that assessed the extensive planted forest of Abu Dhabi, in terms of improved management and their potential for wildlife-based tourism.

The assignment culminated into an initial phase of rapid assessment and preliminary proposals, followed by a detailed 10-year plan and the development of tourism concepts and products.


Lebatlane Game Reserve – Strategic assessment, Strategic Management Plan and Development and Management Plan for 33,000 ha community-based project in North West Province.  The assignment included the assessment of the tourism potential and drafting of a concept development plan and detailed feasibility study.



Rustenburg Spatial Tourism Plan for the Rustenburg Local Municipality, North West Province, South Africa.  The development of a Tourism Spatial Plan commenced in order to facilitate tourism development and growth in a pro-active manner.  The project provided guidelines for the Local Authority with regard to tourism development and related products as well as priorities for the various initiatives.


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