Tourism Projects

Cubo Community Nature Conservancy – Strategic Development and Management Plan and Business Plan for 54,000 ha conservancy in Mozambique for African Wildlife Foundation.  The project covered the assessment of the area’s potential as a green fields nature-based tourism project that could benefit the land owning community.  A development plan, feasibility study and business plan was completed.



Limpopo National Park Proposed Tourism Development Projects in the community buffer zone of Mozambique for BRL Ingénierie and Mozambican Government.  The project entailed the assessment of regional and local tourism potentials and proposing viable tourism projects that could promote the tourism industry, contribute towards the establishment of the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique and benefit local communities.


Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve Strategic Development Plan.

A study was done of the Blyde River Canyon, its conservation value, the current management and the policies relevant to development and commercial operations within the Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve (BCNR).  To determine the potential for viable tourism opportunities, the regional tourism perspective, the status and trends of day visitor- and overnight facilities and tourism support services were analysed.  The potential for new tourism developments and operations within BCNR was then analysed before surveying their potential through a tour operator- and demand survey. After having determined the demand potential, it was compared with the proposed projects to project levels of usage and potential feasibility of each proposal.

blyde_canyon_nature_reserve_map blyde_canyon_nature_reserve

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